Open software engineering

Manifesto is an open platform, managed by professional software developers. A repository of knowledge and code that aims to solve software engineering problems common to several industries.

It grants its contributors with a place for discussion and development of libraries and tools that allow faster and more agile development of software products, by reducing the development overhead caused by boilerplate that adds no business value. projects and discussions do not aim to build products nor solve business problems.

Status is currently made up of the sparse effort of 10 software engineers employed in 3 different companies, focusing almost solely in java distributed systems. We should aim to cover other tech stacks and architectures.

All discussions currently happens directly between the contributors, with no public log nor article exposing whichever conclusions. We should create a public platform to expose the non-code part of the work

All projects currently exist in a GitHub group

How to Contribute

Send an email to [email protected], saying hi or something else. If everything goes ok, some human being will eventually answer. was created in 2015 by one lazy software developer